Pinterest for Brands

By Janelle Martinez and Karis Pham

Opportunities and Best Practices for Brand Marketing on Pinterest

The growth of users and searches on Pinterest has opened up more opportunities for Brands in 2020.
At the end of last year Pinterest surpassed Snapchat to become the third largest social network in the US. Here are some relevant stats about Pinterest usage:

  • In the past 12 months the user base on Pinterest has grown 26%
  • There are now 335 million people using Pinterest every month
  • There are more than 2 billion searches every month

Best Practices for Creating Promoted Pins

Test different strategies

  • Can run split tests quickly – create multiple ads under single ad group and duplicate a past campaign and make changes

Make the most out of your description

  • Offer explanations of why your product is valuable instead of stating what the product is
  • Keywords – come up with creative keywords guided by Pinterest’s suggestions that could help you appear in even mostly relevant searches

Skip the hashtags

  • Don’t have a place even on organic pins because Pinterest is already a giant search engine
  • Won’t be tempted to click on hashtag to go to new topic if they have already searched for what they want

Choose landing page carefully

  • Send users directly to content they are expecting to see – not home page or email subscriber page
  • Send directly to product for purchase

Use video

  • Not a lot of videos on Pinterest so you can stand out
  • Videos autoplay as soon as they’re 50 percent in view
  • Produce video that’s not dependent on sound
  • 67 percent of Pinners said that video inspires them to take action
  • How-to videos and video that highlights product perform well
  • When creating video: 
    • High resolution – if it’s blurry it will look bad on your brand
    • Short, key points or features
    • Not using sound as a crutch – when videos autoplay they play without sound

Install conversion tag onto your site

  • Telling you what users did on your site after clicking on your pin
  • Pixel is made up of two different parts – base code and event code (base code is unique to your account)
  • Event codes are attached to base code on pages you want to track like checkout and add to cart

Create pins following Pinterest’s recommended dimensions

  • Ratio of 2:3 with image being taller than it is wide, 600×900 pixels
  • Since 80 percent of Pinners use Pinterest on mobile, use high-resolution, vertical images to give your pins pride of place

Thoughts for images:

  • Make sure your logo is on pins
  • Including pricing details can make a difference: Pinterest finds that Pins with prices see 28 percent higher online sales.- only applies to PAID PLACEMENTS
  • Use bright, warm colors like red, orange, and brown to increase the number of clicks your Pins get. Also, images with 50% color saturation — the color intensity of the image — get 10X more repins compared to images with more saturation
  • Use images that are light and airy. Images with medium-light get 20X more repins than darker images.
  • Shoot close-ups of your product. It’s easier for users to see zoomed-in images because too much whitespace makes images blend in with other images around them.
  • Use the Rule of Thirds – Images with this composition are more appealing to the eye than images that sit squarely in the middle.
  • Leave some room for text. Your Pin will stand out more and get more repins if there’s some text included. Instead of layering text over your image, crop and shift the image so there’s room for the text and the image is visible.

sources: Pinterest

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