Websites for Healthcare Brands: Improve your digital experience

By:  Kirsten Cutshall

If you are a hospital, chances are healthcare disruptors are making you look bad.


It’s no secret that consumers are provided with a whole host of new options for solving their healthcare problems, and the digital experience is playing a larger and larger role in both service delivery and satisfaction. Compared to new, “disruptive” competitors in healthcare such as digital health apps, insurance startups and retail health hubs, traditional health systems are underperforming in terms of consumer-facing digital experience, a new report finds.

90% of hospitals lagging behind healthcare disruptors in consumer experience, report finds.

The Healthcare Consumer Digital Experience Analysis, a research report by Centric Digital and Navigant, evaluated the digital presences of more than 1,400 hospitals and health systems. About nine out of 10 were found to be severely lagging behind the set of “healthcare disruptors” including companies such as Oscar, CVS Health, Zocdoc and One Medical.

Here are the top three ways hospitals and health systems are lagging, according to the report.


1. Find-ability

There was a lack of engagement with digital best practices to improve search engine rankings and increase online traffic.

2. Content quality

The average healthcare provider lacks the “mindful planning” of online content that has boosted the consumer experiences for many of their newer, nontraditional competitors in the healthcare industry.

3. Navigation usability

The majority of hospital and health system websites were difficult to navigate, rather than enabling visitors to easily and intuitively access digital tools and content. The lack of digital engagement expertise is putting hospitals and health systems at risk of losing consumers to disruptors offering more routine, lower-acuity care.
Read Guidehouse’s full research summary for a deeper understanding and to assess where you are in the landscape. Guidehouse Full Research Summary

Sources: Becker’s Healthcare, Centric Digital and Navigant

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