20 Headline Hacks for Content Marketers

We all know the power of content marketing, but it can takes a lot of power from you to turn out your own publication week after week - especially if you are not a natural promoter. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a handy tool to keep those headlines flowing.

  1. [Do Something Desirable] like [an Expert] without [Undesirable Consequence].
  2. Here’s a quick way to [solve a problem].
  3. Who else thinks ______ is ______?
  4. For people on the verge of ______.
  5. Never [Pain Point] again.
  6. Do you actually know how to ______?
  7. The secret of _____ /Little known ways to _______.
  8. Build a better ______.
  9. What your boss wants you to know about _______.
  10. [X Number] lessons I learned from ______.
  11. [X Number] things I wish I knew before _______.
  12. [X Number] tricks/hacks to ______.
  13. How to survive your first ______.
  14. How to _____ like _______.
  15. How to ____ even if / without ______.
  16. How to use _____ to _____.
  17. How to ____ in five easy steps.
  18. The Ultimate Guide to _____/The Beginner’s Guide to _____.
  19. The Big List of ______.
  20. [Adjective] & [Adjective] [SEO Keyword Phrase] That Will [Promise of Results].

Don’t forget that you can use a mash-up too. Any two of the above separated by a colon (for example “How to _____: The Ultimate Guide”). Happy Headlining!

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